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For over ten years Laïla Amezian has been treading the stages of numerous concert halls and festivals, in Belgium as well as in Italy, Spain, Holland, England and Morocco - her country of origin.
You can no longer count the number of appearances of this singer. Laïla’s voice, imbued with the traditions of the Maghreb, very soon absorbed jazz, French chansons and the wide range of world music. All this has resulted in a specifically personal timbre.

In 1996 a first CD under her own name was released in Belgium, Spain and Japan: Initial. This was nevertheless not the start of a solo career. I’ve done things the wrong way round, she says. She decided to look again, to do things in the ‘right’ order, to search and experiment repeatedly in order to find what was to become the life and soul of her music. So she sang, all over the country, in French, Arab, English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and even in German, Bulgarian and Georgian with a varied number of bands with whom she recorded some albums. Above all, though, she was performing live. She appeared at cultural centres and at the biggest summer festivals, but equally in small venues such as ‘cafés concerts’ or tents. And always there was this permanent need to give and to receive, in order to be able to give even more...

Her trajectory could not be more eclectic. Indeed, right from the start she was moving in jazz and in French chanson circles as well as grooving to soul-funk rhythms. However, wanting to confront her Maghreb origins with the musical world of Brussels, she searched tirelessly through all kinds of projects in music, theatre and dance to find the resonance which allows her to be very much of Brussels and at the same time very Moroccan:

I explore musical borders in a very personal way in order to go further in this endless quest that drives me: a quest for a balance that will keep me standing upright between the Orient and the Occident, between here and there ...This alchemy drives my music and my singing to find their shape,to crystallise at an essential meeting point, such as fusion ...And always there is this will to challenge the audience over the notion of cultural and human identity ...

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